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Britain: Participation and Representation 1. Question time? Backbench Rebellion? Function of select communities? Do these directly influence the legislative process or government action? If not, why do they matter? - Question time : regular weekly feature of House of Commons debate, minister gives oral replies to questions submitted by member of parliaments and give off the cuff responses to follow up o can make or break the PM reputation and forms public perception - Backbench Rebellion : backbenchers are members of parliament of the governing party with no governmental office and sit in the back rows of parliament, they are not appointed by the prime minister, but all mps are elected by population. Rebellion: when the members rebel, but they need other support because if the prime minister stays in power, they will get kicked out - Select Committees : help Parliament exert control over the executive by examining specific policies or aspects of administration; hold hearings, take written and oral testimony, and question senior civil servants and ministers. Then they issue reports that often include strong policy recommendations at odds with government policy. o in 1979, the Commons revived and extended the number and “remit” (responsibilities) of select committees o Watchdog communities: most controversial select committees that monitor the conduct of major departments ad ministries - These aspects may not directly effect parliament but they are significant because bring opposing views to light and give the PM a chance to reflect on these issues o Slow down, weaken Prim Minister o Backbench rebellion: influence/effect government action: weakened Major for EU policy 2. Commons has limited legislation powers; who legislates? -
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England_4 - Britain: Participation and Representation 1....

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