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Patient'sBillofRights.. Cindy T

Patient'sBillofRights.. Cindy T - Patients Bill of Rights...

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Patient’s Bill of Rights There are so many websites to choose from on the internet. I found my article by goggling patient’s bill of rights. I am always cautious of which websites I choose especially if I’m using it to write an assignment. I have learned from my past teachers that if I want to find a reliable website to look for the one’s that end with .org, .gov, and .edu. The website that I found is the American Cancer Society, it has an article that was written about what is The Patients bill of rights. One of the reason’s I choose this website is because I like how it explains that there is more than one version of the patient’s bill of rights. The first patient’s bill of rights document as explained here was adopted by the American Hospital Association in 1973. It describes the rights of patients that are going to receive while being taken care of in a hospital. As we all know the health care system changes all the time. In order to keep up
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