Cumulative 3b - Cumulative 3 -- Alex Pericles: Does not...

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Unformatted text preview: Cumulative 3 -- Alex Pericles: Does not have a positive view of peoples natures, mans characters to be level with their fortunes. The more suffering a person endures less likely to engage in moral behavior. Very cynical view of democracy, says the strongest survive, the strong that take mercy are suckers, practical wisdom is important! - Generally believes in Athenian democracy but ambivalent about democracy on the whole. - Scientific approach good, creative type of government, all have something to offer, economically, culturally and military benefits Democracies more likely to be powerful which means must be good!- at same time, bad because unstable, get carried away, people push government to do something that is not the best idea, more likely to be imperial which is Athenss downfall in the Peloponnesian war because they were doing well until they invaded Sicily which was overreaching- war on democracy (1) politics more polarized, less moderation, more passionate about positions, more irrational, (2) 426 Mityleanian revolt Cleon wanted to kill all but Diodotus only the rich and responsible war takes away the foundation of democracy which is discussion and listening in Athens, (3) war time double speak, bad things become good and vice versa, like blind patriotism these happen because democracy led by the people Plato: Politics not a source of joy, have to make people be just because they wont be just on their own. Two ways to do this, 1 force, 2 training and education, but only a select few (guardians) can be trained to be just and they should rule and have power. Therefore, Plato does not believe in democracy in the Athenian sense. He believes in system with guardians ruling with the rational part, the spirited helping with emotions, and the...
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Cumulative 3b - Cumulative 3 -- Alex Pericles: Does not...

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