2nd Question 5 - 2nd Question 5 5 What are the major...

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2 nd Question 5 5.) What are the major differences between Plato’s and Aristotle’s theory of the soul? How do their differences about the structure of the soul affect their views about leadership and the good life? Plato’s view: Tripartite soul, not biological, psychological consistent with common sense 1) reason – represented by a man, distinguishes man from animals, rational person is about choosing the right ends/goals (telos), One Goal Theory – one way through pursuing truth 2) Spirited – feelings emotions, do right things, emotions reward you, open to rational persuasion, used for good purposes 3) Appetitive – utterly irrational, pleasure, food drink - Leadership – by people with their soul in order, just people make just actions, the leading class is the guardian class, with the auxiliaries (spirited in control), obeying and defending as soldiers, the appetitive people, most of the populace as craftsmen, producer class all serving their proper function in the hierarchy, specialization, women even can be guardians o Not democracy because having the wrong people lead, experts judged by non experts, less happy because people in frustrated relationships, lower dignity because lead by desires
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2nd Question 5 - 2nd Question 5 5 What are the major...

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