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Practice Test #2 for Test #2

Practice Test #2 for Test #2 - Question 1(0 points When...

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Question 1    (0 points) When political commentators use phrases such as “red versus blue America,” they are referring to Student response: 100.0% b. the electoral map, used by news organizations after recent presidential elections, depicting states won by the Democratic Party candidate in blue and states won by the Republican Party candidate in red. Correct. Question 2    (0 points) By the mid-1850s, the Whig coalition fell apart, and most Whigs were absorbed into the new ____ Party. Student response: 100.0% d. Republican Question 3    (0 points) The District of Columbia has Student response: 100.0% b. three electoral votes. Question 4    (0 points) The Federalist Party Student response: 100.0% b. supported a strong central government that would encourage the development of commerce and manufacturing. Question 5    (0 points) If no presidential candidate receives the required number of electoral votes, Student response: 100.0% c. the House of Representatives votes on the candidates, with each state delegation casting only a single vote. Question 6    (0 points) Education Student response: 100.0% c. strongly influences an individual’s political attitudes. Correct. Question 7    (0 points) If no vice-presidential candidate receives the required number of electoral votes, Student response: 100.0% b. the Senate chooses the vice president, with each senator casting one vote.
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Question 8    (0 points) Most ____ parties have been formed around a leader with a strong personality. Student response: 100.0% a. splinter Question 9    (0 points) The ____ ballot (also called the Indiana ballot) lists all of a party’s candidates together under the party label. Student response: 100.0% a. party-column Question 10    (0 points) A Literary Digest poll predicted that Alfred Landon would win the presidential election in 1936 because Student response: 100.0% a. its prediction was based on an unrepresentative sample. Question 11    (0 points) The only relatively precise way to measure public opinion is through the use of Student response: 100.0% b. public opinion polls. Correct. Question 12    (0 points) In the United States, the general election is held in Student response: 100.0% a. even-numbered years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
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