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Apple Inc - This being said you can see why Apple was an...

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Apple Inc. Apple Incorporated. Ticker Symbol: AAPL Initial Purchase Price: $173.83 Current Trading Price: $190.86 Apple Inc. has been a solid company since its creation in 1976. It manufactures and distributes computers, hand-held music devices, networking peripherals, as well as a full line of accessories for their products. They have a strong track record of credible and very quality products. Since the very beginning, they have had a mind set of being extremely personable with their customers, and it shows through how they treat their customers. They also have creative minds inside that company that can create just about anything, and it becomes the next “it” item to have.
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Unformatted text preview: This being said, you can see why Apple was an excellent stock choice for this semester project. I picked them initially because I own a few things made by them, I have seen them in the news in nothing but the “good eye”, and knew that this would be a good pick for me. Their track record shows it that every aspect of the company, from the top down wants it to succeed, but also want to create a strong following with its consumer base. Their stock started very strong, and didn’t slow up at all during the semester. During the last week of November, I actually purchased 50 more shares of Apple stock, knowing that I would reap the benefits in the end....
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