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Exxon Mobile Corp - society. Gas and oil prices have been...

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Exxon Mobile Corp. Exxon Mobile Corporation. Ticker Symbol: XOM Initial Purchase Price: $92.86 Current Trading Price: $91.92 Exxon Mobile Corporation was founded in 1870 in Irving, Texas. Exxon Mobile engages in the exploration, extraction, refining, and marketing of crude oil and natural gas. Not quite as diverse as Murphy Oil, they tend to specialize in the automotive industry, and are an industry leader with their Mobil gas stations. They also have various properties worldwide for such extraction of crude oil, but are based in the United States; and also do most of their business in the United States. The reason I chose Exxon Mobile for this semester project is because they truly are a leader in the gas and oil industry. They are innovative, expansive, and provide a “staple” good that is needed in today’s
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Unformatted text preview: society. Gas and oil prices have been on the surge this year, and investing in them made sense because they are reaping the benefits of the increase in price. They have positioned themselves in the market to be very aggressive, but are also a company that has deep rooted values, traditions, and goals. Customer service is also high among their priorities, because without their customers, they wouldn’t be here. Being founded in 1870, it shows that they have been able to adapt through many rises and falls in the economy, and that really says something about their leadership as well. Even though I lost money with their stock, it was a short timeframe for this game, and I would hold them as a long-term investment if it were a real one....
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