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Google Inc. Google Incorporated. Ticker Symbol: GOOG Initial Purchase Price: $652.90 Current Trading Price: $699.35 Google Inc. has been quite an explosion ever since it was founded in 1998. Combining an immense search service online, along with specially designed algorithms to predict website usage, visits, statistics, etc; Google is the first place just about anyone looks for search help online. It has been quoted in movies, and in everyday conversations with people not knowing about something, they say, “Google it”. Being the market leading search engine, I knew Google would be a good choice for a stock. It has been in the news consistently for its AdSense program, which allows people to create profits from placing Google
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Unformatted text preview: ads on their websites. Also both of its co-founders being listed in the Forbes’ 400 Richest Persons List put it in a profitable eye to investors. Being that this was a short amount of time for investing in the stock market, Google was a great choice that came to mind when we started this. Being a highly traded stock, with an unheard of trading price, the volatility of Google is what drew me to it. Knowing the way the market is, and how good Google had been doing, it seemed like a great choice. Growing almost $50 dollars during the course of the semester, this was a good investment from the start....
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