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Murphy Oil Corp - game we played in high school During the...

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Murphy Oil Corp. Murphy Oil Corporation. Ticker Symbol: MUR Initial Purchase Price: $76.08 Current Trading Price: $78.53 Murphy Oil Corporation was founded in 1950 with four main components in mind: exploration, production, refining, and marketing gas and oil products worldwide. Murphy Oil has done just that over the years, and has expanded its base to all parts of the globe for oil extraction. They produce crude oil, natural gas, synthetic oils, natural gas oils, and condensate; and hold various properties worldwide for such ventures. The reason I chose Murphy Oil as a stock for this project was I had previously owned them in a stock
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Unformatted text preview: game we played in high school. During the course of the year, they never failed me, held strong, and I really liked that about them. During this project however, I did more research into their company, and also realized that the market for oil and gas has risen dramatically over this past year. Also, coming into the wintry months, I figured you can’t go wrong owning gas and oil companies. They are a solid stock that didn’t budge much for me during this game, but it did finish higher than what I purchased it for, which is the ultimate goal in stocks....
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