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Oil Services HOLDRs - picking an ETF that covers a large...

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Oil Services HOLDRs Oil Services HOLDRs Ticker Symbol: OIH Initial Purchase Price: $199.25 Current Trading Price: $186.00 Oil Services HOLDRs is an Exchange-Traded Fund that allows you to diversify into a large chunk of the oil and gas market through a single fund. This fund trades day to day just like a stock, but acts as a mutual fund, and would be a good one to include in a portfolio. It is categorized as a Large Growth stock according to the Morningstar Rating. Currently, there are 18 different companies included in this fund. The reason behind me choosing this fund was simple. Gas and oil prices are well onto the rise, and
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Unformatted text preview: picking an ETF that covers a large piece of the market, it was a no brainer. We needed a strong ETF in our portfolio for the semester, and this was listed as one of the top performing ETFs for the FY2006 when I first researched it. After looking at it, I realized it was very close to its 52-week high, but managed to only drop off about $13 during the course of the semester. Even though I lost money on this, I would still consider putting it in a real portfolio because of its easy trade, large coverage of the market, and would be a good long-term investment....
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