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Course Assignment - Taylorism has been extensively...

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Taylorism has been extensively criticized for a variety of shortcomings. Yet, in the view on Harry Braverman “it has dominated the shaping of the modern corporation”. How is it possible for a weak theory to be so influential? Frederick Winslow Taylor invented a theory known as scientific management. The scientific management theory fragmented workers jobs to make production more efficient. It has five main principles: 1) Workers should execute and the mangers should think. 2) Tasks should be broken down into sections and each worker focuses on one section continuously, making it easier to control and less time wasted moving from one task to another. In society this form of job design is still used today.¹ 3) De-skilling the workers so that every worker can do other workers tasks making controlling the workers easier. 4) Financial incentives in the form of bonuses. Taylor believes that workers are motivated by money. If productivity is increased, then more bonuses will be given out yet punishments would be received if the opposite happens. 5) Co-operation would follow naturally once productivity increased. Taylor felt that workers had too much responsibility and where not realising their potential and managers should have more of a controlling role in the workers’ jobs instead of an advisory role. He had three main objectives (Huczynski, 2007) that he felt needed to be achieved for productivity efficiency to occur. His three main objectives were efficiency, predictability and control; efficiency by increasing output and reducing time-wasting, predictability by standardisation of tasks and control by implementing hierarchy authority. Taylorism has several benefits for both workers and management². One of these benefits is that workers can take advantage of incentive payments and their working conditions have improved. The benefits that managers ultimately experience are increased productivity and a more positive involved leadership role. The negative factors were mainly felt by the workers²
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Course Assignment - Taylorism has been extensively...

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