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Exam 2 Study Guide

Exam 2 Study Guide - Com 107.4 Spring 08 Study Guide Exam 2...

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Com 107.4 Spring 08 Study Guide: Exam 2 Public Relations Know the differences between advertising and public relations. o Advertising is controlled by publicity that a company or an individual buys; public relations attempts to secure favorable media publicity (which is more difficult to control) to promote a company or client. Why did public relations first develop? What is the role of “publicity?” o The early part of the 21 st century. o Who was Edward Bernays? What is the relationship between cigarettes and suffrage? o Nephew of Sigmund Freud. o Used old model of PR by Ivy Lee and added his perspective of modern social science. o Was the first person to use the principles of Psychology and Sociology with PR. o Taught first PR course at NYU and made first PR textbook. What are press releases and VNRs? Why would news programs use VNRs? o Press Releases – a chief day to day function of PR is composing press releases. This means announcements that are written in the style of news reports that give new information about an individual, a company, or an organization and pitch a story idea to the news media. o Video News Releases – 30 to 90 second visual PR stories packaged to mimic the style of a broadcast news report. Many PR firms now own their own TV studios so they can make these on their own. o News programs use VNRs to get information. What role does PR play in politics? Who was the first president to use a press agent? o Woodrow Wilson? What is “crisis communication?” o What are the components of the PRSA Code of Ethics? What are the “Managerial roles” and the “Technical roles” of PR? o Technical Role Writing/Editing information (speech writing, disseminating) Production – web/print design and publication on VNR production. Special Events planning Speaking – public speaking; sometimes act as a spokesperson. o Managerial Roles Programming – plan and implement PR programs to achieve objectives for organizational goals (example: crisis management) Relationship Management – cultivating quality relationships with strategic publics (example: your employees)
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Research and Evaluation – formal/informal information gathering and evaluation of programs. What are the characteristics of the one-way Press Agentry/Publicity Model and the Public Information Model? o One-Way Press Agentry Model/Publicity Model Key Objective – to seek attention in any possible way The complete truth is not essential (often incomplete, distorted, or half-true information) Examples: P. T. Barnum and Buffalo Bills Wild West, The railroads bribing and dead-heading, sports/entertainment/theater o One-Way Public Information Model The truth is important: journalists-in-residence disseminating accurate, but usually only favorable information about organizations Examples: Ivy Lee telling his clients side of the story and discrediting others, spinning, government agencies or non-profits use as a major form of communication What are the differences between the “Old PR” model and the “New PR” model?
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Exam 2 Study Guide - Com 107.4 Spring 08 Study Guide Exam 2...

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