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1 Spring 2008 - ALICE System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Grading How will the homework problems be graded? The homework problems constitute a percentage of your final grade for the class, as reflected in the syllabus. There are 7 modules, and the average of all your scores on the 7 modules will be your overall homework grade for the semester. Your score on an individual module is the score you have achieved (out of 100%) on the overall module, as reflected in your individual ALICE account. Your score will be determined as of the due date and time set for that module; see the assignment schedule for specific due dates and times. The problems must be completed in a timely manner to receive credit (by the deadline set on the syllabus). Any problems submitted after the deadline will not affect your grade as your homework grade is fixed at the time of the deadline. Which score will be counted toward my grade if I complete the homework problems in a module more than once? Problems can be repeated as many times as you wish. Once you have successfully completed a problem (achieved the 90% threshold), you cannot lose credit for that problem. You can rework the problems to prepare for exams or to refresh your memory whenever you wish. The more times you work the problem, the more competent you will be in understanding the material. However, note that homework problems are different each time you complete them. The problems are randomly generated by the computer. Deadlines Will homework be accepted after the deadline set on the syllabus? No, the deadline (date and time) set on the syllabus for each module applies to every student in every lecture and lab section, regardless of circumstances. Extensions will not be granted. You must plan accordingly to complete assignments on the system ahead of time if you have any University-related (athletic, band, student organization, etc.) or non-University-related (work or personal) events or assignments. This includes illness and family events (hospitalization, etc.). The deadlines for the assignments are set on the first day of class for the entire semester; it is your responsibility to complete assignments before you leave town for University-related or non- University-related events. Remember that you can complete the assignments on any computer that has internet access. If something unexpected
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ALICE%20Frequently%20Asked%20Questions%20Spring%202008 -...

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