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The University of Alabama Basic Spanish Language Program SP103: ORAL INTERVIEW 1 Please read the following material from the syllabus about the format of this activity. o The purpose of these interviews is to assess your ability to communicate in Spanish accord- ing to the level of your class and the material covered. o The topics will be related to the contents of your Web Quests, Cyberjournals and/or Es- critura assignments. Furthermore, each interview may include a variety of tasks similar to those found in the ¡Tú dirás! sections at the end of each Etapa of your textbook, and also in the Intercambio section at the end of each chapter. o The interview will be in pairs , and with your instructor during class time. o Each interview will last approximately 5-7 minutes . o On Interview day, your instructor will pick two students at random to do the interview. The two students will ask and answer questions of one another, based on the chosen topics; also picked at random. o See attached criteria for the Oral Interviews, please bring a copy with you so that your in- structor can jot down the grade. Guidelines: Prepare and develop the following topics to be ready for the interview. It is important to study the vocabulary and to work on the structures you need for this interview. DO NOT MEMORIZE long paragraphs because you do not know what your partner will ask you. You should be familiar with the all three
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sp103-oral1 - The University of Alabama Department of...

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