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Cheat Sheet #1 - Side 2 - 1 refers to the cultural heritage...

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1 .____ refers to the cultural heritage of a group based on language or country of origin. ETHNICITY 2 .____ refers to the meaning and practices associated with sex difference (femininity and masculinity. GENDER 3. Sue Indian Reservation, artifacts sued in that study. Doctorate in what? 4 .____ is the belief that animals and humans best adapted to their in their environment. SOCIAL DARWINISM 5. First department of sociology was established where? France, Chicago Institute – first sociology courses. 6 . According to Merton ____ are intended and recognized by the participants in every unit. MANIFEST FUNCTIONS. 7. Feminist – “We live in a ____.” Men dominate woman, men are highly valued. MALE DOMINATED 8 . Signs, gestures, and language are all examples of ___. CULTURE 9. Describing ____ - process of systematically collecting information for the purpose of testing a theory. 10 ._____ is the conventional research model – in correct order. 1. Select and define the research problem 2. Review Previous Research 3. Formulate the Hypothesis 4. Develop the research design 5. Collect and analyze the data 6. Draw conclusion and report Findings. 11 .___research instrument shows consistent results. RELIABILITY .
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