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10/01 - Seasons-Upwelling stronger in summer months o More...

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Coriolis Effect: - Causes large scale motions to deflect to the right in the northern hemisphere, - And to the left in southern hemisphere. Coastal Upwelling (Ekman Transport): - Result of Wind + Coriolis - Net effect of along-coast wind: o Surface water moves offshore, o Deeper water pushed upwards and to the right - Occurs at Western edges of continents - More likely to occur with, well separated layers – by density and temperature Downwelling: Opposite, currents go towards coast Upwelling brings cold deepwater to the surface – SO WHAT? - Brings up nutrients o Warm, low-density water: low nutrient concentration o Cold, high-density water: high nutrient concentration o Few animals in deepwater because of less light o More nutrients because fewer animals use them up - Upwelling regions are the most productive o Tend to be on the west side of continents Other kinds of Upwelling: -Equatorial Upwelling
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Variations Other weather: - Can dramatically change the behavior of upwelling, even w/in a few days o Storms mix up layers
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Unformatted text preview: Seasons:-Upwelling stronger in summer months o More energy available in summer (surface heating) o Water is more separated-Winter storms mix layers, o Depends on difference of layers, so it diminishes Annual: La Nina El Nino-Strong Upwelling-Cold surface waters (in Peru)-Nutrient Enrichment-Lots of Anchovies-Weakened Upwelling-Warm surface waters (in Peru)-Loss of nutrients Anchovies leave Seabirds, Seals, and other predators dies Important Points:-Wind + Coriolis (Ekman Transport) cause cold nutrient-rich water to upwell along western coast lines.-Variations on several time scales change strength, duration, and extent of upwelling-Dramatic importance to ecosystems Additional notes from questions:-Winds from south o Downwelling (Prevailing Winds) o Not as common as upwelling o On east side of continents (not sure) Ask about what causes El Nino and La Nina… was not very clearly last time…...
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10/01 - Seasons-Upwelling stronger in summer months o More...

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