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09/28 What is an ocean? Composition of water on Earth: - 97% Ocean - 2% Ice - .5% Groundwater - .01% Rivers Average Ocean Depth: 3,796m Average Temp: 3.9° C - 4.6 million tons of salt on Earth: most in Ocean - Lithosphere = Crust + top of mantle - Liquid interior allows plates to move - Through the years, the sea level has deviated Makeup of Ocean: Ocean basin floor > ocean ridges > volcanic island arches > trenches, etc, etc… Sediments: Biogenous > Terrigeneous > Hydrogenous > Cosmogenous
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Unformatted text preview: Sediment Types: Biogenous- From hard part (shells) of marine organisms- Mostly siliceous and calcareous- Calcareous ooze: primarily from shells- Siliceous Sediment: debris of plankton w/ silica shells- 55% Terrigenous- From Earth- Clay, sand, mud, and silt- From rivers and Volcanoes- 45% Hydrogenous - From precip of minerals from water- <1% Cosmogenous - From space dust and meteors- <1% Ooze: Biogenic Sediments (phytoplankton and zooplankton)...
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