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5 1. A Social Group is a collection of 2 or more people, who interact frequently, share a sense of belonging, and or interdependent. 2. Examples of a Aggregate Group include the following people wait for traffic light to change, shopper in store. 3. An In-group is a group to which a person belongs and feels a sense of Identity. 4. A Reference Group is a group that strongly influences behavior and attitudes regardless of whether the individual is a member. 5. Leadership in secondary groups such as college/corporate involve? Chain of command – written responsibilities. 6. Democratic leaders make all major group decisions and assign tasks to members. 7. Authoritarian leader focuses on tasks of the group and demand compliance from others. 8. A boss finds out Serena is late for lunch. He uses a passive approach, He is exhibiting Conformity . 9. Stanley Milgram – The research provides evidence about Obedience in regards for authority. 10. Stanley Milgram – Almost two-thirds of the subjects went all the way to deadly levels of electricity. 11. The tragic Columbia Explosion has been cited as an example of Groupthink . 12. A Bureaucracy is an organization model, characterized by a hierarchy of authority, a clear division of labor and rules/procedures. 6
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