10/08 - Gyre large water-circulation system controlled by a...

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10/08 Why does wind blow east-west, as well as north-south Coriolis Effect - Things move to the right in northern hemisphere, to the left in southern - Winds would only move north and west if it were not for them Surface Currents - NE trade winds blow across the oceans to the southwest and push water (friction) o 1.) Wind piles up surface water in a hill o 2) The wind creates a wind current that pushes in accordance with the Coriolis Effect. - Ocean is made up of layers o Each layer drags next via friction (like surface and wind). o Each layer moves more slowly than the on above it o Due to the Coriolis Effect, the net direction of water in each layer is different than the one enxt to it… creating a SPIRAL. Why don’t currents move to the center of the oceans? - Once a balance is achieved between the center and the water encircling it, water is no longer pushed towards the center and simply encircle the area.
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Unformatted text preview: Gyre large water-circulation system controlled by a balance between pressure-gradient force & Coriolis Effect. Thermohaline Circulation Vent of water driven by water of different densities (cold and salty = mostly dense)-Driven mostly by North Atlantic o Ice forms & salty brine is left behind Denser water o This dense water sinks and draws water down quickly o Heats towards equator, and drives back towards arctic has a slower effect than near the arctic Current take homes Surface Currents- Created mostly by wind, Coriolis Effect, &Gravity- Mostly in circular patterns- Big & Fast- Transports nutrients and organisms Deepwater Currents- Created by differences in densities of water (thermohaline circ)- Moves slowly, so does not transport most organisms- Transports massive amounts of heat throughout worlds oceans...
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10/08 - Gyre large water-circulation system controlled by a...

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