10/05 - Waves are dispersive ex long waves go faster...

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10/05 Salinity: - Total quantity of dissolved inorganic substances(salts) in water - Anions and Cations, not just NaCl - Principal of constant proportion = proportion of major constituents dissolved in seawater is fixed (no matter what salinity is) Major Constituents of 34.8 psu Seawater Sodium (Na) comes from weathering and run-off Chloride (Cl) comes from outgassing - Takes water thousands of years to completely re-circulate itself. - Takes minerals millions of years to recirculate Organisms use minerals to make shells - They die and their shells turn into… Biogenic Sediement (Calcareous Ooze and Siliceous Sediment Wave Take Homes - Waves: energy movement, not movement of H20
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Unformatted text preview: - Waves are dispersive, ex. long waves go faster- Geometry controls where waves go- Shoreline/ bottom geometry cause waves to line up with the coast- Internal waves occur below the surface- Occur at the interface of 2 fluid of different densities (ex. coffee/ creamer) Currents- Solar inputs vary with latitude- Equal amounts of sunlight are spread over a greater surface area near the poles Why aren’t the poles completely frozen , and tropics completely boiling hot?- Currents distribute water throughout the oceans Why does warm air rise and cold air lower?- Convection current...
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10/05 - Waves are dispersive ex long waves go faster...

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