EXAM 2 Review Sheet S08

EXAM 2 Review Sheet S08 - RBC theory Template matching...

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EXAM 2 Review Sheet On this exam, more questions will come from information in the book that may not have been covered in lecture. These are the concepts with which you should be familiar for the exam: Attention Attenuation theory/cocktail party phenomemon Late selection theory Attention and driving Chunking Pronunciation rate/time Pronunciation similarity effect Proactive interference Retroactive interference STM coding Central Executive Phonological Loop Visual-Spatial Sketchpad STM v. Working Memory Characteristics of working memory Subvocal rehearsal Stroop effect Selective attention Word superiority effect Bottom-up. V. top-down processing for a) object recognition, b) face recognition, and c) word recognition
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Unformatted text preview: RBC theory Template matching Hierarchical category levels Hierarchical network model – problems Memory Span Functions of concepts Feature comparison model Propositions Fan effect Tip-of-the-tongue phenomena Blocking view v. incomplete activation Functional equivalence v. proposition effect re: imagery Functional equivalence (analog) approach ( Kosslyn’s research) Face recognition – face inversion effect, wholistic processing Prosopagnosia Characteristic and defining features; role in sentence verification Ambiguous figures Semantic memory Typicality effect True-false effect Category size effect Semantic priming effect Sentence Verification Task...
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EXAM 2 Review Sheet S08 - RBC theory Template matching...

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