EXAM 3 REVIEW SHEET S08 - memory Transfer appropriate...

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EXP 3604 EXAM 3 REVIEW SHEET The following concepts will be included on the exam: The Atkinson-Shiffrin Model of memory – sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory (general relationships/comparison) Serial Position curve Primacy Effect Recency effect Episodic Memory Procedural Memory Levels of Processing Approach – (types of analyses) – why is it better? Self-reference effect Encoding Specificity Pollyanna Principle TV violence/anger and memory Mood Congruence Mood-state dependence Explicit memory Implicit memory/measures Dissociations Multiple memory systems approach to explanations of implicit and explicit
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Unformatted text preview: memory Transfer appropriate processing approach 3 stages of memory Factors that improve encoding Mnemonics Keyword method Method of loci Visual imagery Factors that improve retrieval Metamemory Constructive nature of memory Schemas Value of schemas Scripts Schemas and consistency of information 7 sins of memory Source monitoring Misinformation effect Illusory memory Factors influencing the misinformation effect Recovered memory v. false memory Autobiographical memory The role of language in memory Flashbulb memory Infantile amnesia...
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EXAM 3 REVIEW SHEET S08 - memory Transfer appropriate...

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