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Culminating Idea Students will make a triarama depicting the three different rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Each section of the triarama will be devoted to one type of rock. For example, one side of the triarama will be all about an igneous rock. Students will put a visual representation of an igneous rock such as an actual igneous rock or a realistic picture of one. Furthermore, students will write an informative paragraph containing how an igneous rock is formed. Students must include the relationship between rocks and minerals. The paragraph should contain all the information that students know about an igneous rock. Students will incorporate the rock cycle as they describe the process of how an igneous rock is made.
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Unformatted text preview: Students will do the same for the sedimentary and metamorphic sections of the triarama. Grading: Points Possible: Points Earned: Completeness All parts complete 30 1 part missing or incomplete 20 2 parts missing or incomplete 10 3+ parts missing or incomplete Cohesiveness All parts are completely unified 30 Parts are mostly unified 20 Some parts are unified 10 Parts are not unified Neatness Project is very neat and colorful 30 Project is neat, some color 20 Project is mostly neat, no color 10 Project is not neat or colorful Total Points Possible: 100 pts Total Points Earned: Grade:...
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