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fad assign - Communications Log Week 4 Due in class April...

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Communications Log Week 4 Due in class April 11 Speaker-Listener Technique (Review) Rules: Each person gets time to have the floor (to speak) Whoever has the floor can’t be interrupted The person with the floor is the one whose message, idea, concern will be addressed by both people in the conversation Speaker: Speak for yourself; Don’t mind read Keep statements brief; Don’t go on and on Stop to let the Listener paraphrase Listener: Paraphrase what you hear (What I hear you saying is… It sounds like… So you….So from your point of view…. .Let me see if I’ve got it. You feel…. . Focus on the Speaker’s message; don’t rebut (the goal is for the Listener to really understand the speaker’s viewpoint and for the Speaker to have opportunity to correct any misperception so that Speaker ends feeling understood) Both: The Speaker has the floor Speaker keeps the floor while Listener paraphrases/actively listens Share the floor Part I: Teach the Speaker-Listener Technique to one person. Choose a non-sensitive topic and communicate with the person using this technique. Type a report about the experience by answering the following questions. Alternatively, you can teach the Speaker-Listener technique to two people, letting them talk about a scenario or by using a made-up scenario similar to what we used in breakout session on April 4. In this case, you would focus primarily on being the “coach”
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fad assign - Communications Log Week 4 Due in class April...

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