Key Terms EXAM 3 AMH2097

Key Terms EXAM 3 AMH2097 - Key Terms Exam 3 AMH2097 Cold...

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Key Terms Exam 3 AMH2097 Cold War Era - leads to fleeing of communism. Supporting Democratic Government Winston Churchill - prime minister of Great Britain, birth of Cold War, Iron Curtain Joseph Stalin - prime minister of Russia 1945 War Brides Act - enabled over 120,000 wives, children, and husbands to enter the US (military personnel) 1948 Displaced Persons Act - dealt with people who lost their families, and helped them become citizens 1952 McCarran-Walter Act - attempt to loosen quotas of Immigration act of 1924, increase quotas of Asians allowing more people to enter the US 1950 Internal Security Act - Joseph McCarthy started, all aliens of Communist Party who are still members need to register and say they are now Communist and if you refused to register, you would be deported 1953 Refugees Act - dealt with immigrants coming from Korea to the US and wanted them to be Democratic 1965 Hart-Celler Act - (Post Civil Rights)*opens door for immigration, NO quotas, no discrimination based on race/color/ethnicity except Mexicans and Caribbean 1980 Refugee Act - (Post Civil Rights) targeted those fleeing communism, SE Asia, Russia, Cuba Joseph McCarthy - Wisconsin senator, based politics on fear, said enemy was the communists. White Ethnicity NOT A FACTOR (WASP) started Internal Security Act Fidel Castro - president of Cuba, while immigration from Cuba to US was going on Lazarus Castro - Fidel Castro’s grandson Marielito - Cubans who fled on tiny boats to Miami during the 2 nd wave of immigration Defect - “I Defect”, idea Russians can’t come into the US unless they say that The Civil Rights Era - time period when the African Americans fought back Brown vs. Board 1954 - overturns Plessey vs. Ferguson, ruled against segregation de jure(by law) Thurgood Marshall - attorney for Brown vs. Board, 1 st African American Supreme Court Justice Montgomery, AL - summer of 1955 , Rosa Parks scandal, Bus Boycotts Southern Manifesto 1956 - informal pact stated that Southern Politicians would join forces and go against Brown vs. Board. All but 3 senators signed (Lyndon B. Johnson)
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C.K. Steele - wanted to move civil rights throughout FLA, led Tallahassee bus boycotts 1960 North Carolina A&T at Greensboro - at Woolworth’s department store, sit-in, they had a segregated lunch counter, students from A&T would sit down until they were served, and violence broke out Laurie Pritchett - in Albany, GA , white male cop, idea creating a stalemate (tie) with civil rights movements, says violence meeting with violence does NOT work, non violence busses were sent (Rosa Parks came before) Eugene “Bull” Connor - in
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Key Terms EXAM 3 AMH2097 - Key Terms Exam 3 AMH2097 Cold...

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