Key Terms EXAM 2 AMH2097

Key Terms EXAM 2 AMH2097 - Key Terms for Exam 2 AM H2097 I...

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Unformatted text preview: Key Terms for Exam 2 AM H2097 I r ish I mmigration- first group to travel in large numbers, they came to the East coast of the US because they didn’t have enough money to go farther inland, or to the West Pre-Famine 1820-1844- population boom, more people=less land. People forced to raise cattle. Mostly I rish and single males migrated to US, especially New England and Boston, did manual labor Domestics- single woman who came to work in the factories Famine 1844-1855- More I rish migrate to US than the history of Ireland English Landlords- controlled the land during the pre-famine era The Blight- phytophthora infestans- sickly odor of decay, all potatoes went rotten Post-Famine 1855-1930- a fear was created. I rish were protestant. To be classified as protestant it meant that you were I rish and owned land The Catholic Church- Boss System- middle man between the average voter and the power structure. You do a favor for me, and I’ll do a favor for you. George Washington Plunkitt- New York politician, invented grafting. States that he will give a worker something for something else, only on the condition that they vote the way he wants them to, he gave workers jobs and social activities Alfred E. Smith- first I rish Roman Catholic that ran for presidency, but he lost John F. Kennedy- first I rish Roman Catholic to WIN presidency Dwight Eisenhower- first German to win presidency Chinese Exclusion Act- got rid of Chinese out of US. Renewed twice, and only educators and merchants families were allowed in because the US thought they were just going to learn American ways then go back 14th Amendment- anyone born in the US could technically be a citizen William Cunning- fictional character based on Bill “The Butcher” Pool William Amsterdam- Ma rtin Scorcese- director of Gangs of New York 5 Points- 3 street intersections in Chinatown, NY. Gang warfare, divided by different regions and different gangs. 3 streets were Baxter, Park, and Worth Street History vs. Hollywood- name of documentary and although the movie was portrayed as violent, the actual history was a lot worse Bill “The Butcher” Pool- Nativist, murdered by I rish Immigrants William T. Sherman- burned through GA. Wanted to punish the South by giving free slaves land. Feb. 1865 Field Order #15- granted every slave 40 acres and a mule...
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Key Terms EXAM 2 AMH2097 - Key Terms for Exam 2 AM H2097 I...

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