the sorrows of lotte

the sorrows of lotte - Maral Mahmoudi 4/7/08 English 112...

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Maral Mahmoudi 4/7/08 English 112 Honors Pool The Sorrows of Lotte Dear Sister, The time has come again where I write you something hoping that the response will guide me to a resolution. I am plagued with this undying feeling of loss. I have been walking a circular path hand in hand with confusion, while desire lay in dark bushes waiting to attack, its insipid glare haunting me and hunting for a moment’s weakness. That moment’s time has passed, leaving me to tend to my shivering heart and carnivorous thoughts. My emotions, cruel and misleading dance around me and tease my wretched soul. I saw my own reflection in the eyes of misery, draped in the poetry of lost words. My dear sister all of these emotions are just the aftermath of a single visit made by Werther. I forbade him to come to me before Christmas Eve, knowing well enough that it would be hard on the both of us. He paid no attention to my wishes, trampling on every single syllable of every fading word. I heard his footsteps and I wish I had the common sense to cut those steps short by telling my maid to notify him I was not home. My heartbeats followed the frantic rhythm of his steps, and I met him with passion hidden beneath my angry stare. I reprimanded him and even went so far to call on some of my friends to see if they would keep us company as not to be alone with Werther. In the end fate won and I tried to regain my composure and asked Werther to read the translation of Ossian’s Song that he had written. If I only knew that the dam I had worked so hard on building would fall apart by the blow of those lyrical words. A sick sense of
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the sorrows of lotte - Maral Mahmoudi 4/7/08 English 112...

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