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INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY 202 Northern Virginia Community College, Loudoun Campus Spring 2008 – Tuesday and Friday 8:00am-9:15am 275 LC Instructor: Matthew Novak Phone: 703-737-0547 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment; and before (7:30 – 8:00) and after (9:15 – 9:30) class I will be available on most days; and I am addicted to email, so feel free to email me any time of day. Just like you, I can check my NVCC email from anywhere. You might be surprised how quickly I get back to you. Classmate Names:______________________phone numbers: ________________email:_____________________ _______________________ __________________ _____________________ _______________________ __________________ _____________________ Required Text Myers, David G. (2007). Psychology (8 th Edition). New York: Worth Publishers. Recommended: Straub, Richard O. (2007). Study Guide for Myers . New York: Worth Publishers. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association . Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Web Site The text for this class has a web site at . I encourage you to visit the site early and often for supplemental material. There are some really cool graphics and interactive pages that will help you to learn and retain the material. This site may also be helpful for short papers. Course Description General Psychology introduces the field of psychology, defined by Myers in Psychology as “the science of behavior and mental processes” (pg. 4). In other words, we will study the dynamic factors influencing the things humans think, feel and do. The course will consist of a brief overview of psychological principles and major issues. It is a broad course pursuing many important areas within the field. The second phase of this two-semester course will focus on the following topics: learning, memory, intelligence, personality, stress and psychological adjustment, psychological disorders, and social psychology. Course Objectives To teach students to be critical thinkers, and therefore better students and wiser consumers of Science. To provide students with a strong understanding of psychological concepts, principles, and theories. To guide students in personal application of psychological concepts to everyday life. To improve student writing skills. To have fun as we learn the complexities and usefulness of the field of psychology. 1
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Course Format Classes will meet on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:00am to 9:15am, and will consist mainly of discussion, meaning participation by you is a must! Classes will also include lecture, activities, teamwork, Internet exploration, quizzes, videos, and one-to-one interaction with me. There will also be an opportunity to perform extra credit work, for those interested. Attendance and Participation
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psych202spring 2008 student - 1 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY...

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