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religion paper - The five major religions of the world all...

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shaped the bases of these religions; from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to the enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama. These events are not only significant to the creation of Buddhism or Christianity, but they also create a sense of history that helps the adherent understand the struggle and happiness connected with God. The impact of these events still lives on today, studied and analyzed in order to understand the religion better. Buddhism is a complex religion based on philosophical beliefs. Unlike the other four major religions Buddhism doesn’t worship a divinity or divinities. Buddha never claimed divinity he only claimed, “clear-sightedness and purity of apprehension of truth through deepest intuition, leading to equanimity and enlightenment” (Figen). The ultimate goal of a Buddhist is reaching enlightenment just like Siddhartha Gautama did under the Bohdi tree centuries ago. The enlightenment of Siddhartha was the most significant event in Buddhism. Siddhartha walked to Bodh Gaya where on the “full moon day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar, he seated himself beneath the Bodhi Tree in the meditation posture and vowed not to rise from meditation until he had attained perfect enlightenment” (“Life of Buddha”). The ruler of all demons Devaputra Mara tried to lead Siddhartha astray by bombarding him with “fearful apparitions”, which Siddhartha with the force of his concentration transformed into “rain of fragrant flowers” and “rainbow lights” (“Life of Buddha). In the end Siddhartha triumphed over all the demons and desires sent by Mara. It is when Siddhartha reached a “varja-like concentration” that he finally “removed the
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religion paper - The five major religions of the world all...

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