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Housekeeping Issues •A d d Drop until Friday. Can withdraw anytime until day before final w/ Professor's signature. •I D cards due Tuesday; include picture, name, address, tel#, and status. Will be used for grading, letters of reference. •C l a s s cancelled for tomorrow ‐‐ no presentations scheduled. Course Methodology Will run as a lecture TR; Seminar on Fridays On Fridays, groups of three will present on major schools of thought in economics Course will trace the development of economic thought through concept mapping. Theories will be presented at most times at an introductory economics level. Will Develop competencies in both concepts and author theory recognition. Will cover over 80 by end of class Grading is as follows Oral Reports (2) 30% Seminar Report 30% Mid Term
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Unformatted text preview: Last entirety of the 50 minute period, broken down as follows: ○ 10 minute warm up: introduce timeline, explain as necessary ○ 30 minutes hardcore economics: give life stories of economists, explain mechanics of theories, etc. ○ 10 minute conclusion: explain impacts on society, schools of thought that followed ○ Title ○ Distinct Start/End ○ Chronological progression of economic and non ‐ economic issues on separate axes. ○ Summary of the tenets of the school ○ Sources To include a timeline including Rubric describing grading will be handed out tuesday Seminar Report Term paper on one of 18 topics listed in syllabus or an alternate approved by professor. Introduction Thursday, January 10, 2008 12:00 PM History of Economic Thought Page 1...
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