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Question from the audience: Writers Strike Writers are striking to gain a portion of the gross of revenues made on DVD sales and internet downloads. Producers refuse to negotiate during a strike. Will the strike end? Presumably yes. Will it end soon? Likely. Contractual provisions kick in at the end of Jan that allows shows to be cancelled if strike continues. Will writers be comped? No speculation Producers: Have stopped taking. Good negotiators know you should always talk about something, even if inconsequential, to keep it going. Writers: Cutting deals. Writers have cut deals to allow certain shows to continue running (Leno, Conan). This breaks their monopoly power and allows the industry to gain benefits of new programming while they still lack a place at the table Mistakes thus far Innovation and Factor Resource Management e.g. Capital for Labor in Auto Plants, Capital for Land in Computers, Labor for Capital in construction, medieval armies, etc. Each of the four factors of production, to some extent, can be substituted out of the four factors when
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