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English Mid-Term - Hyperbole literacy criticism deliberate...

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Assonance- similar vowel sounds. ( quarter/ California) Consonance- similar consonance sound Alliteration-device when first consonant sounds or any vowel sounds in words and syllables. Ballad- short poem that tells a simple story and was a repeated refrain. Blank verse- unrhymed iambic pentameter. Caesura- pause in a line of poetry, usually occurring near the middle. Connotation- impression that a word gives beyond its defined meaning. Couplet- two lines of poetry with the same rhyme and meter. Denotation- definition of a word apart from the impressions. Diction- selection and arrangement of words in a literacy work. Elegy- lyrics poem that laments the death of a person. Enjambment- running the sense and structure of a line of verse or a couplet into the following verse/ couplet. Free verse- lacks regular metrical rhyme patterns. Half rhyme- appears at the ends of 2 or more verses have similar final consonants.
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Unformatted text preview: Hyperbole- literacy criticism, deliberate exaggeration used to achieve the effect. Internal rhyme- rhyme that occurs within a single line. Irony- effect of language in which is the intended meaning is the opposite of what stated. Lyric poetry- expresses the subjective feeling and personal emotions of the poet. Narrative poetry- verse accounting of an event or sequence of events, real or intended. Metaphor- expresses an idea through the image of another idea. Meter- repetition of sounds in poetry. Onomatopoeia- words whose sounds express their meaning Simile- uses like or as Stanza- lines grouped together often recurring pattern of rhyme, line length, and meter Understatement- criticism the effort of language in which is ment the opposite....
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English Mid-Term - Hyperbole literacy criticism deliberate...

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