cm 2121 midterm reivew

cm 2121 midterm reivew - CM 2121 Midterm 15 T/F(1 15...

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CM 2121 Midterm 15 T/F(1), 15 Multiple Choice(1), 20 Essay(2), 15 Fill in the Blank(2) -Finding the cost of lumber?(90) -Lumber pricing unit is Board Feet -One Board Foot=1 inch X 12 inch X 1 foot -# of board feet = [(thickness” X width”)/12] X length’ -ex: 2” X 8” that is 10’ long= [(2 X 8)/12] X 10=13.33 bf -in US quoted on dollars per 1000 bf (other parts sold by cubic meter) -Species, Grade (&drying process), & Lumber Size-all factors affecting its price (85-87) -Organizations designed to help you throughout the construction process? (IE, ASTM, CSA, ANSI, CSI, CSC)(standards by various orgs are complementary and don’t overlap or conflict) -assist the tasks of the architect and engineer by producing and disseminating info on materials and methods of construction(have direct impact on bldg design and construction operation) -IE- -ASTM-American Society for Testing and Materials-establishes standard specifications for commonly used materials of construction-referred to by # (ex: ASTM C150, spec for Portland cement) #’s used in specs for specific bldgs, designating the quality of the material that is required—Canada-(CSA- Canadian Standards Asso) -ANSI-American National Standards Institute-org that develops standards for many industrial products (aluminum windows, and many of the mechanical components of bldgs-some government agencies also establish standards for certain bldg products (US Department of Commerce) -CSI-Construction Specifications Institute and its counterpart (CSC)-Construction Specifications Canada-formed standard outline called Masterformat (224, 264) for organizing info about construction materials and components. (11-12). Outline for construction specifications, often used by contractors for construction cost coding, 16 divisions each with a multitude of subdivisions, 5 digit code. (11-12) -How do we anchor to concrete? -the sill (preservative-treated or naturally decay resistant) is bolted to the foundation as a base for the wood framing -sill sealer should be inserted b/t the sill and the foundation to reduce air infiltration through the gap -anchor bolts/expansion bolts are able to hold most bldgs on their foundations -tall frames in areas subject to high winds or earthquakes may require more elaborate attachments(162,177) -Different door types(208, 245-pic)? -Exterior-Panel Door(6 panel), Flush Door-w/ solid core(wood blocking, “composite”),
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cm 2121 midterm reivew - CM 2121 Midterm 15 T/F(1 15...

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