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MGT Final Review

MGT Final Review - MGT 3200 Final Exam Study Guide MGT 3200...

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MGT 3200 Final Exam Study Guide MGT 3200 Final Exam Study Guide Kerry’s research area is in work equity so when studying for the final it would be a safe bet that he is going to like those areas more, and put more questions on the test about this beginning material than the groups or leadership sections. MOTIVATION 1. What are the five needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? (Know what each need is and be able to recognize what need is being satisfied in a given situation) Physiological-need for food, water, air and sex Safety- need for security, stability, and freedom from fear or threat Social- need for friendship, affection, acceptance, and interaction with others Esteem- Need for personal feelings of achievement, self-esteem. and recognition and respect from peers Self-Actualization- a feeling of self-fulfillment or the realization of one’s potential 2. According to Maslow, what motivates your behavior? People are motivated by the lowest unsatisfied need in the hierarchy. 3. What does Maslow believe about satisfied needs? Satisfaction of need triggers dissatisfaction at the next higher level; the greater the satisfaction of a need, the lower the importance of that need and the greater the importance of the next higher need. 4. If a need is frustrated, what will the employee experience according to Maslow? Can the employee still be motivated if his/her needs are frustrated? a. Failure to provide work-related opportunities for need satisfaction leads to reduced output, and increased turnover. b. Since most employees are motivated by higher-level needs, their jobs should be designed to allow these higher-level needs to be satisfied at work. c. Counters recent emphasis on simplification of jobs 5. What needs are typically unsatisfied in most organizations? Why is this the case? What would help satisfy these needs? Esteem and self-actualization needs are most often unsatisfied in organizations. Companies could try to satisfy these needs through job enrichment 6. What need is the highest level of personal motivation? How many people reach this level? Is it ever fully satisfied or fulfilled? Self-actualization very few people reach this level It is never fully fulfilled (i.e. Einstein, Bach, Lincoln, Jefferson) 1
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MGT 3200 Final Exam Study Guide 7. What is a peak experience? Dollar calls at Bogie’s on Wednesday night, a moment of self actualization, like athletes “being in the zone” 8. What does research say about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Researh has not been able to find more than 2-3 needs, instead of 5 Not all people climb the hierarchy in the same order Satisfaction does not reduce the drive for self-actualization, in fact once people have self actualized they want more.
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MGT Final Review - MGT 3200 Final Exam Study Guide MGT 3200...

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