Repatriation, NAGPRA, and Kennewick Man2

Repatriation, NAGPRA, and Kennewick Man2 - Repatriation,...

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Repatriation, NAGPRA, and Kennewick Man Over the past decade, repatriation and archeological ownership has become a very hot and intense subject. Anthropologists, archeologists and Native Americans are dead locked in debates of ethics, ownership, and repatriation. Leading the debate of repatriation is the case of Kennewick Man. Kennewick Man is a skeleton that was discovered on the banks of the Columbia River in 1996 near Kennewick, Washington (Walker Jr. 907). Kennewick Man was a nearly complete skeleton that is claimed to be “Caucasoid” or non-Native American. Both Native American tribal groups and archeologists claim ownership to the skeleton and each claims they should control the future of the skeleton. To understand the Kennewick Man debate, one must understand the rules, laws and regulations in effect regarding topics of repatriation and ownership. The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) passed in 1990 and governs the “disposition of human remains and funerary objects” (Russell 195). NAGPRA gives the right of repatriation to Native Americans when the remains can be directly related to a tribe that is still present today. NAGPRA also requires an inventory to be taken of all remains and items curated by institutions that receive federal funds (201). NAGPRA also requires a consultation with Native Americans and concerning the excavation, treatment,
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Repatriation, NAGPRA, and Kennewick Man2 - Repatriation,...

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