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Robinson Crusoe paper - Power Hunger In Daniel Defoe's...

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Power Hunger? In Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe , the main character, Robinson Crusoe is in constant search of self gratification in terms of power. He motivates himself to be a leader and refuses to accept a sub-standard role in any event. He faces many challenges, and works continuously to obtain a position of power which he thinks will help him find his life’s purpose. “Power, in short is a universal phenomenon in human societies and in all social relationships;” the obtaining of power is the driving force behind many actions (Bierstedt 730). Robinson focuses on improving his role in power situations and undertakes many debatable tasks while trying to find his sole purpose in life. Robinson desires power and his power quest is represented through many of his actions. Robinson Crusoe doesn’t accept not being in control, as based on his actions. He is a character that changes or attempts to change his relationship to power sporadically and often. Becoming his own master by disobeying his father is among the first changes Robinson makes an overall attempt to be in power. He also includes becoming a plantation owner and “master” to Friday in his change for power. Robinson’s hunger quest for power first becomes apparent early on in Defoe’s novel with Crusoe’s dispute with his father over his future career path. Crusoe decides to negate the path which his parents set for him. He instead chooses a path based on his wishes and desires: “My father… design’d me for the law; but I would be satisfied with nothing but going to sea, and my inclination to this led me so strongly against the will” (Defoe 5). Robinson clearly states that he is motivated by his wishes and wants to be in power when making decisions
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regarding his life. Robinson at this point, withdraws the focus from the standards
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Robinson Crusoe paper - Power Hunger In Daniel Defoe's...

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