Twelfth Night - Subtle Difference Twelfth Night is an...

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Subtle Difference Twelfth Night is an intriguing piece of literature, written by William Shakespeare, which explores many important social issues. Many of the issues explored in Twelfth Night’s time (Late 1500's to Early 1600's) can still be associated with today’s society (1990's to the present). Some of these social issues include: honor, self conflict, cruelty, and love. Identity deception is a social issue that really stands out, when comparing Twelfth Night to the modern United States. In Twelfth Night , character’s change their clothing in an attempt to deceive others into believing they are someone else. The change in clothing seems to transform the character into a new person when in reality it does not. This is very uncommon in the United States today. Many people do not change their clothes in an attempt to be someone else. People in the United States change their style of dress so that they are perceived in a different manor, but they are still themselves. An example of this is a gentleman wearing a shirt and tie instead of jeans and a tee shirt. None the less, in both societies, Twelfth Night and the United States, clothing does not change who a person is or what he or she believes in as it is the individual’s character, thoughts, views and actions that make the person who he or she truly is. 1 Viola and Feste are two characters in Twelfth Night that assume disguises in an attempt to make others around them believe they are different people. Viola is the first character whom we come across that uses identity deception. “Conceal me what I am, and be my aid/For such disguise as haply shall become/The form of my intent. I’ll serve this duke” (1.2.53-55). She wants to
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be a man so that she can work for the duke. “Enter Valentine, and Viola in man’s
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Twelfth Night - Subtle Difference Twelfth Night is an...

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