journal 5 - down what I was seeing None of it was really...

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Ashley Devine M, Th 2-3:50 Journal 5 For my ethnographic field notes I decided to observe people waiting for their  plane at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona.  I chose this event because I was already going  to be at the airport.  From past experiences, I’ve noticed the different ways people act and  interact with one another while at the airport and thought that I would be able to get some  good field notes out of the experience. Before I went to do my field notes I really didn’t think that it was going to be  difficult, however, as I started the process I actually found that it would be more difficult  than I had thought.  I really didn’t have any idea where to start writing, or what was  important for me to record.  As I began doing my observations I just decided to write 
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Unformatted text preview: down what I was seeing. None of it was really very interesting so I was kind of disappointed, however, the plane ended up being delayed. Once the people found out that the plane was going to be delayed there were a lot more interesting behaviors and actions for me to observe. While I was upset about my flight being delayed, I was glad that there was more for me to observe. If I were to do this again, I would go into it with a better sense of direction about where I wanted to go with my field notes. It would help me be able to get better notes if I had more of a focus while doing my observations....
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journal 5 - down what I was seeing None of it was really...

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