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Assignment #3

Assignment #3 - Morgan Thomas AMST 201 Zang 30 November...

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Morgan Thomas AMST 201 Zang 30 November 2007 Easy Rider and The Graduate After watching The Graduate and Easy Rider it was apparent that the youth culture portrayed in each movie was of very different characteristics. It is hard to understand how two movies from the same decade could end up revealing such diverse representations of youth. However, with a closer look, there are some noticeable similarities with the two films and their characters. Social class can greatly affect the goals and lifestyle of youth. This is made apparent in comparing Easy Rider and The Graduate . Benjamin is from a wealthy family surrounded by wealthy friends and expensive possessions. He was provided a college education and his parents have high expectations for his future. He was a track star and a scholar, but now he is confused about his future, claiming he wants it to be different. In Easy Rider besides their assumingly expensive motorcycles, there is no sign that Wyatt or Billy came from wealthy families. They are not educated and they most certainly did not attend college as Benjamin did. In more ways than one, Benjamin portrays the youth group known as “jocks”, while Wyatt and Billy are outsiders and hippies, also known as “pukes.” Comparing this aspect of these two movies makes it obvious that where a person comes from can undoubtedly shape their personality, goals, and future.
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Easy Rider portrays an account of the drug ridden youth of the sixties. Billy and Wyatt do everything from drinking alcohol to sniffing cocaine, with a lot of marijuana in between. On the other hand, besides the occasional cigarette and bourbon, Benjamin is not shown doing drugs throughout the whole movie. This most likely stems from the characters’ social classes, although sometimes the wealthy do get caught up in drugs because of their abundance of resources in order to obtain them. Two different sides of the education spectrum are also shown within the two movies. Wyatt and Bill of Easy Rider represent the high-school dropouts that were common in the sixties. They do not have educational aspirations nor do they present much thought about the possibility of a future career. Benjamin Braddock is the total opposite. He not only graduated high school and college, but he did so with honors all the while becoming a track star. Although unsure
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Assignment #3 - Morgan Thomas AMST 201 Zang 30 November...

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