Assignment #2

Assignment #2 - Morgan Thomas AMST Zang 13 November 2007...

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Morgan Thomas AMST Zang 13 November 2007 Assignment #2 March 24, 1968 Oh my god, campus was chaos today! Thankfully, it was a Sunday and there were no classes, because no one would have been able to get anywhere on time. I had trouble walking from Prettyman to the Newell to eat breakfast because of all the protestors and demonstrators. Every Hillel member let alone what seemed like every Jew at Towson must have been outside of Newell protesting the Israeli raid against guerrillas in Jordan. I mean, now-a-days everybody has their cause, but come on, what is a hundred 100 people protesting at little old Towson University going to do for something that hardly involves the United States. Don’t they know that after Saturday every dorm dwelling student flocks to Newell on Sunday morning to fight their hangovers with fake eggs and Grade D bacon? Maybe the location had something to do with the kosher corner in Newell but I think they need to back off. And then, on top of that I tried to go to Cook to do some homework that I put off the entire weekend and to my dismay I find myself lost in a sea of “black power” chanting negroes who decided to follow in
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the footsteps of the Howard students protesting the lack of say they have in the disciplinary system. Heck, we white people hardly have any say in disciplinary action here, but we aren’t complaining, especially not in front of the library on a Sunday. Well, at least once I got through the crowd and into the library, I got a lot of work done. After I got back to my dorm I called my friend Patty, you know, the one that goes to NYU. We got to talking about the protests and stuff and she was telling me how she had to walk home from her friend’s apartment late last night because she couldn’t take the subway. There was some riot in Grand Central Station. She said when she got into the station there were like 3,000 hippies and a whole bunch of police trying to break the whole thing up. It seems like riots and demonstrations are popping up all over the United States, and I don’t think people are going to calm down
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Assignment #2 - Morgan Thomas AMST Zang 13 November 2007...

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