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Unformatted text preview: 11-7-07 Identity how you felt about the war Ambiguity Not accepted/not good, You were expected to feel one way or another. Of all divisions, the most pronounced was between the Jocks and the Pukes. You couldn't be both Cant be a college revolutionist and an athlete *Alice's Restaurant Song* The Graduate 11-14-07 Catonsville Nine Presentation o Made assumption audience was liberal like them. Zeitgeist overall cultural climate of an era o German o 50's happy days o 60's tumultuous and chaotic, turmoil Not combat Stereotypical zeitgeist in Easy Rider Graduate what does this guy represent in America. o What does it say about youth culture. o Graduate comes out end of the 60's o How is it that America produced such different versions of American youth? o How are prototypes of youth alike in each movie? Different? Do these differences carry value judgment? Is one version presented as better or are they just two sides of the same coin? Could Benjamin become Easy Ride? Could we send Easy Rider to Plastics? ...
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