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Assignment #1 - Morgan Thomas Dr. David Zang AMST 201 23...

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Unformatted text preview: Morgan Thomas Dr. David Zang AMST 201 23 September 2007 Assignment #1 In telling the story of Ted Williams and his last game, Ed Linn and John Updike each have entirely different approaches. Although both authors are describing the same day in history, not only does one story seem more factual than the other, but they also exhibit two opposing auras to the reader. It is possible to come to many conclusions about each authors feelings toward Ted Williams from their accounts. The creditability of each story as historical evidence is also apparent throughout the reading. In order for a work to be considered a historical account, it must contain as much factual evidence as possible. This was overwhelmingly true of Ed Linns 1960: The Kids Last Game . The story included a large number of dates, exact times, and quotations. A majority of the statements made throughout the writing were factual, devoid of any opinion whatsoever. However, included in Updikes account were some strictly factual statements along with a huge amount of opinionated elaboration. Although this elaboration made the story more interesting and engaging to read, it did not increase its credibility. In describing the same exact event, Teds pre-game speech, the difference in the two articles is clearly evident. Linn describes it in a few short paragraphs filled mostly with quotations and short, to the point descriptions of the atmosphere and nature of the ballplayer. On the other hand, Updike incorporated tidbits of embellishment into the description with statements such as, Then the occasion himself stooped to the microphone, and his voice sounded, after the others, very Californian; it seemed...
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Assignment #1 - Morgan Thomas Dr. David Zang AMST 201 23...

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