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Exam # 1 Reading Outline

Exam # 1 Reading Outline - American Studies Exam#1 Readings...

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American Studies Exam #1 Readings o Hodgson: America in Our Times Society was in consensus Two major threats: War Illness End of 1950’s America worried about health, status and nuclear war. 1960’s America worried about keeping peace, dealing with Russia (communism), ethnic issues and economy. Nixon had three themes: Kennedy was running America down Democrats would cause inflation He could speak better for America in confrontation with soviet leader Each candidate chose to stress foreign issues over domestic problems Concern was towards lack of excellence in American education, lagging growth rate of economy, and materialism of mass culture. America was threatened by communist “serpent” Economy is responsive to demands of people Sharp recession over winter of 1953-54 Industrial production declined by 10% United states should seek better relations Kennedy and Nixon shared same basic political assumptions: Foreign over domestic issues Importance of containing communism Consensus in domestic affairs Need to assert supremacy of white house as command post of society mobilized to meet external danger. Conference in Milan: intellectuals from many countries Debate future of freedom Congress for Cultural Freedom CONSENSUS American free enterprise is democratic and has potential for social justice Key to potential is production American society is getting more equal Social problems can be solved similar to industrial problems o Problem identified o Programs designed for solving
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o Trained people are then applied to problem as inputs o Outputs are predictable and problems are solved U.S. and allies must expect prolonged struggle against communism Bring free enterprise to rest of world In U.S. socialism was discredited 1942 Poll by Roper 40% opposed socialism 25% in favor of socialism 35% open mind 1949 Poll by Gallup 15% move in direction of socialism 61% in opposite direction Jones: Great Expectations o Birth rate growing at very fast rate o Larger houses being built and owned More built in suburbs More owned than rented o Appliance sales went up drastically between 1950 and 1960 o Car sales also went up between 1945 and 1950 o Levittowners staged gasoline riot because of shortage o Families were adopting leisure style (BBQ’s outdoor entertaining) o 6000 TVs to 7 million a year in less than a decade o 86% to 98% of homes had TV between 1960-1967 o Year of boom: Hollywood recorded more movies in 1946 Movie attendance dropped by 10% when parents started to stay at home with children o Davy Crockett was icon Became unpopular by Christmastime Children decided on the fads and what was popular or not. o
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Exam # 1 Reading Outline - American Studies Exam#1 Readings...

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