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10-24-07 Watched 60 minutes on Sudbury Valley School that has no rules. Kids are allowed to choose what they want to do: o Recess o Learning o Video Games o Etc. Most prestigious private schools ask applicants if they have a teaching degree: o If applicant says yes, they will most likely not be hired. o Want people who can think, and then figure out the best way to teach. o Do not want people who were taught to write lesson plans etc. Sudbury School – expose children to wide variety of possible learning areas. Grades are not the equivalence of knowledge. o Grades derive from an ego oriented environment. (learn through comparison to everyone else) Assignment #2 November 7 th How long? App. 3-3 ½ pages. Tie entries to larger events. “Supposed to go to prom with bobby but bobby was protesting…” Informal like a journal entry. Assignment #3 December 5
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Unformatted text preview: th Coming Home • Sally asks Luke to her house for dinner. • Luke tells Sally he spends 95% of his time in the hospital thinking about making love to her. • They kiss when Sally brings him back to the hospital. • Sally gets letter in mail to go to Hong Kong to see her husband. • Sally’s husband gets mad that she is working in the hospital. • Luke chains himself to a gate to protest war. • Sally picks him up from the police station and they spend the night together. • Bob comes back from war because he shot himself in the leg on the way to the showers. • Has all of his drunk war friends over the night he gets home. • Next day he finds out that Sally was cheating on him with Luke. o Luke was under surveillance because of the gate protest. o They had tapes and videos of Luke and Sally together....
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