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10-24-07 Watched 60 minutes on Sudbury Valley School that has no rules. Kids are allowed to choose what they want to do: o Recess o Learning o Video Games o Etc. Most prestigious private schools ask applicants if they have a teaching degree: o If applicant says yes, they will most likely not be hired. o Want people who can think, and then figure out the best way to teach. o Do not want people who were taught to write lesson plans etc. Sudbury School – expose children to wide variety of possible learning areas. Grades are not the equivalence of knowledge. o Grades derive from an ego oriented environment. (learn through comparison to everyone else) Assignment #2 November 7 th How long? App. 3-3 ½ pages. Tie entries to larger events. “Supposed to go to prom with bobby but bobby was protesting…” Informal like a journal entry. Assignment #3 December 5
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Unformatted text preview: th Coming Home Sally asks Luke to her house for dinner. Luke tells Sally he spends 95% of his time in the hospital thinking about making love to her. They kiss when Sally brings him back to the hospital. Sally gets letter in mail to go to Hong Kong to see her husband. Sallys husband gets mad that she is working in the hospital. Luke chains himself to a gate to protest war. Sally picks him up from the police station and they spend the night together. Bob comes back from war because he shot himself in the leg on the way to the showers. Has all of his drunk war friends over the night he gets home. Next day he finds out that Sally was cheating on him with Luke. o Luke was under surveillance because of the gate protest. o They had tapes and videos of Luke and Sally together....
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