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KinshipTerminology - *affinal – relations through...

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ANTHR 102 Comparison of Culture Kinship terminology list Anthropological ways of thinking about kinship : Descent theory – analysis of kinship based on belonging and position within a descent group (often understood as having a common “ancestor”) Alliance theory – analysis of kinship based on affinal relations (varied alliances between groups based on marriage and exchange) Household model (corporate kinship) – analysis of kinship based on residence or household as a unit of production and consumption Residence : *patrilocal - wife moves into husband’s household and clan *matrilocal – husband joins wife’s household *neolocal – couple moves to a new place and starts their own household Kinship relations : *consanguineal – relations through birth, descent or “blood”
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Unformatted text preview: *affinal – relations through marriage Descent models • Unilineal descent – descent figured through one parent. In this system, descent groups are bounded and kinship extending through generations is emphasized • Patrilineal -relatedness traced through male line-people belong to their father’s descent group • Matrilineal -relatedness traced through female line-people belong to their mother’s descent group • Bilateral descent – relatedness traced through both parents: kinship is diffuse and unbounded, relationship is specified in terms of EGO. For more information and a guided tutorial, go to this site (link also on Blackboard): http://www.umanitoba.ca/anthropology/kintitle.html...
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