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Atinuke Omolara American Ethnicity Due: December 10, 2007 Final Exam Paper 2. Write a letter to the US media explaining why their “framing” of the Rwandan genocide – as an “ethnic conflict” – was mistaken. Base your explanation on Mamdani's. [To answer this question, read the Mamdani chapters (BB) and watch Hotel Rwanda in class.] To the U.S. media: The country of Rwanda has had an interesting history due to their two supposed ethnic groups, the Hutus, the majority, and the Tutsis, who consist of about 15- 18% of the population. As the smallest country in Africa with the largest population, 7 million, Rwanda has had to overcome famine, overpopulation, and, most recently, a massive genocide which reduced their population by a huge amount. Many of your sources viewed the Rwandan genocide purely as an ethnic conflict but unfortunately you have framed this event incorrectly. According to Mamdani's "When Victims Become Killers", the real conflict was the outcome of a power struggle between the Hutus and Tutsis, which was a consequence of western colonization. Although it may be easier to comprehend the atrocity by looking at the specific period of time in which the genocide took place, it is necessary to review Rwanda's complex history. Many of the dynamics that contributed to the genocide had been developing since the pre-colonial era. In Rwanda, the colonizers found the Tutsi king in power, and it served their interests to support Tutsi domination over the majority Hutu, and to further
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divide Rwandan society. The experience of colonial rule began in Rwanda with the Germans in 1897. This was monumentally important, not only for Rwanda, but for the system of colonialism as well. The German presence in Rwanda instated the soon to be widely utilized policy of indirect rule. Under their direct rule, there were two races; the black Africans and the white settlers. Its effect was long lasting and left a significant
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amerethexam3 - Atinuke Omolara American Ethnicity Due:...

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