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Final - Temple University Department of African American...

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Temple University Department of African American Studies African American History Since 1900 Instructor: Maxwell Stanford Jr. / Muhammad Ahmad, PhD Name_______________________________________ 1. What did W.D. Fard and Elijah Muhammad organize in the 1930’s? 2. Who was Charles Hamilton Houston? 3. Who was the most famous African American Writer of the 1930’s and 1940’s? 4. By 1936, 75% of African Americans had shifted their vote away from the Republican Party and voted for the Democratic Party candidate, Franklin D. Roosevelt. a. True b. False 5. What did African Americans do when white auto-workers in the (UAW) C.I.O. engaged in sit-down strikes in factories in the 1930’s, to become unionized?
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6. Who was called “the most dangerous Blackman in America” by J. Edgar Hoover and a “Black Hitler” by the American communist Party? 7. Who was Jo Ann Robinson and the women’s Political council in Montgomery Alabama, and what did they do? 8. Why was Ella Baker so important to the development of the Civil Rights Movement?
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