MIS371 HW CH6 - with how the process will do the described...

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Dr.Mullen MIS 371 M 2-4:30pm Ch. 6 Pg 199 1) A process model formally describes the business activities, and how the system operates. Data-flow diagramming (DFD) is a type of a logical process model. DFD uses symbols to visually conceptualize the process. The four symbols used are, processes, data flows, data stores, and external entities. Analyst use DFD to describe the components of the system on at a very logical high-level basis. This has the benefits of not being distracted by the details of the system, focusing on only what the system is supposed to do. DFD and process modeling are related because, DFD is a type of process model, and does formally describe a business system. 2) A logical process model is a high level concept of visually looking at the system without distractions of how the process will be handled. Logical process is concerned with what the system will do instead of how it is done. The physical process model is concerned
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Unformatted text preview: with how the process will do the described function. This is where the details come in. Will customer service calls be automated is a physical process. The logical process will show only that a customer will call. 3) The process in process modeling is describes the activity, or function that needs to be performed. Processes can be manual or computerized functions. A process should have short descriptive names like “find client” or “add new chart.” It should not have anymore than one function for each action. For every x value there can be only one y. The 1 process names are the prompts for the user to complete the action. Using “and” would suggest that the process does more than one activity when it should not. The process information stored in CASE repository should consist of; name (verb), unique identification number, description of what it is, and one input and output data flow. 2...
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MIS371 HW CH6 - with how the process will do the described...

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