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Prof. Mullen MIS 400 T 2-4:30pm Ch 5 Pg.203 5.1 Data and process modeling have differences. The data model represents the data and the body of the information system. The process model shows the activities that are found in the system. The data model can also exist independently of technology. The process model shows how the data is moved. 5.4 Flowcharting may assist the analyst in decision making because it shows the logical process of an activity. The analyst can review the flowchart for errors, waste or illogical design and solve problems. Ch 6 Pg.240 6.1 The main reasons methodology is a requirement for information systems in the business environment are: To improve the process on information systems development. Permit the effective monitoring of the development process. Achieve accurate analysis of business and systems requirements.
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Unformatted text preview: • Allow information systems to be delivered within a required time frame. • Ensure benefits outweigh costs. • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the business. • Improve delivery or achievement of business objectives. • Ensure the needs of the users are fully satisfied 6.2 STRADIS is a highly structured approach that decomposes system functions. It is a process-oriented methodology that concentrated on tools and techniques rather than attempting the developing of an all-encompassing methodology. Its comprised of an initial study, a detailed study, then defines and designs alternatives, then a physical design. The methodology was proposed in 1979 and encapsulated various work at that time into structured design processes and their application to information systems....
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