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MIS470 HW CH 4 - Another problem is the technology is...

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Prof. Dr.Mullen MIS 470 T 2-4:30pm Ch.4 Pg 167 1. The primary differences between operational, tactile, and strategic planning are: Operational planning is short term, six months to one year, is involves project management, meeting times, and budget targets. Tactical planning concerns are resource allocation, and project selection, with a life cycle of one to two years. Strategic planning is the long-term goals of the company, generally three to five years projection, and involves the vision, architecture, and the goals of the business. 2. Strategic systems’ planning is difficult for many reasons. The systems plans need to align and support the business goals. Some businesses do not include the CIO as a top executive involved in making those decisions.
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Unformatted text preview: Another problem is the technology is changing rapidly and businesses need to adapt to those changes as they occur leading to a continuous change in the plan. Development of the infrastructure is difficult to fund. Responsibility needs to be jointly distributed among the executives, and the systems planning has become business planning. 3. Some assumptions in traditional strategy making no longer apply. These assumptions are: the future can be predicted, time is available for the sequence, IS supports and follows the business, top management knows best because they have 1 the broadest view of the company, and finally, the company can be viewed as an army, where leaders issue the orders and the troops follow. 2...
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MIS470 HW CH 4 - Another problem is the technology is...

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